Summer 2021 BIPOC SFF Title List

Welcome to the summer quarter’s list of upcoming SF/F books by BIPOC writers, covering titles from July 2021 through March 2022. But first, here are a few titles released in June that we missed in the previous list: K. Ancrum, Darling. YA paranormal romance. Yun Ji & Yi Izzy Yu, The Shadow Book ofContinue reading “Summer 2021 BIPOC SFF Title List”

Spring 2021 BIPOC SFF Title List

Happy Spring! It’s time to take a look at titles by BIPOC writers in SFF being published for the rest of 2021. But first, I want to take the time to highlight a few titles already published this year that I missed in the last post: C.L. Clark, The Unbroken.  Amanda Joy, A QueenContinue reading “Spring 2021 BIPOC SFF Title List”

Winter 2021 BIPOC SFF Title List

There are many wonderful novels, novellas, and single-author collections in science fiction, fantasy, and horror being published by BIPOC writers in 2021. JANUARY 2021 Novels (Adult): Mike Chen, We Could Be Heroes.  Novels (YA&MG): Olivia Chadha, Rise of the Red Hand.  Hafsah Faizal, We Free the Stars, Book 2.  Francesca Flores, ShadowContinue reading “Winter 2021 BIPOC SFF Title List”

Announcing a new resource highlighting the work of BIPOC writers in SFF!

Welcome to BIPOC Writers of SFF! Our intention is to publish a list of long-form traditionally published speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, and horror) by BIPOC writers on a quarterly basis, as well as a complete list of titles at the end of each year. To be clear, these aren’t recommendation lists and are meantContinue reading “Announcing a new resource highlighting the work of BIPOC writers in SFF!”